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When I needed business cards and stationery printed, I asked two companies for bids. One I never heard back from and the other, to whom I had taken my camera ready art, delayed so long in giving me a bid that I retrieved my art and went to a printer that a friend had used - Print Wise. Not only did I have a bid in a matter of hours, but the job was printed in a couple of days. The bid was very reasonable and I was very happy with the quality of printing.

A few months later I needed some things printed and went to a nearby quick printer, thinking that I would save money. As it turned out, it cost me double! I was not please and decided to redo the work. I went to Print Wise. They redid the job, making design improvements and printing it at the desired quality. And their cost was comperable to the first printer I had used.

What I like about Print Wise is that they seem to care about my print work almost as much as I do. They help me with the designs and make suggestions about the printing quality, at the same time staying within my budget.

This experience simply reinforced a principle that I temporarily ignored: when you find something or someone that you like, stick with them.

Joan Merrill
Merrill Video Productions

Thank you again for the excellent job you did preparing our invitations to the party we held September 18.

It was a financial success – thanks in part to you – and we appreciate your help. When I need a printer again, you'll be at the top of the list.

Nancy Serivie
SPACE -St. Patricks Alternatives for the Comunity and the Environment

Thanks you for the great printing job on our forms. The order was taken care of promptly, and you even took the time to fix our artwork. They turned out better than we imagined they would. You guys do excellent work and go the extra mile for your customers.

The Bay Area Chiropractic Society

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